pacifier and finger sucking

Did you know that finger sucking
and/or the use of a pacifier
alter the position of the tongue?

Habits such as the pacifier and finger sucking are called non-nutritious sucking habits.
Sucking is a strong, instinctive
and reflex action in newborns.
That is why during the first years
it is considered normal, because it
is associated with a need for affective
and assurance satisfaction.


How do I stop my child from
sucking his/her finger? 

However, sucking is meant to be programmed to work for only a determined period, and then extinguish progressively when milk teeth appear and the child acquires an adult chewing pattern, while leaving behind a sucking pattern.
In relation to non-nutritious sucking habits, it is important to know that:
Anterior open bite
Stage I
Stage II
Our advice regarding non-nutritive sucking habits is:
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