fluoride and sealants

Did you know that caries has decreased
drastically in children around the world
thanks to fluoride?

Fluoride has proved to be a safe and effective
method to reduce the prevalence of caries
in the world and stop enamelís demineralization.
Systemic prenatal fluoride was recommended
decades ago, however it was proven to
be ineffective because the amount of it
that passed through the placenta wall is unknown.
For this reason currently fluoride should be
applied topically and in small but frequent doses.
Professional application of
topical fluoride
Decisions on supplementary applications of fluoride must be made according to individual risk of caries. The paediatric dentist must assess the child's caries risk in order to decide the type of fluoride administration, as well as its frequency.

At home, toothpaste is the main source of topical fluoride. Since an excess of ingested fluoride can cause fluorosis, in children younger than 6 years of age, we recommend that parents should be responsible for placing the toothpaste on their children’s toothbrush to have better control.

To benefit from fluoride’s anti-caries properties and simultaneously minimize the risk of fluorosis, we must bear in mind that:

Amount of toothpaste for children younger than 2 years.
Amount of toothpaste for children above 3 years.

Molars have rough surfaces, with pits and fissures where food and germs are deposited and stay there for a long time, as the bristles of the toothbrush are unable remove them. Sealants where first used during the sixties and have proven to be very useful in caries prevention.

They are thin plastic layers that are applied on these chewing surfaces to avoid bacteria and food to enter into the tooth and therefore prevent caries. Sealants are applied over healthy teeth, saving money and time in the long run to prevent the application of fillings and crowns to get rid of the caries.

Sealants are healthy and effective, and its application is simple and painless. However, after applying them, regular visits to the paediatric dentist rare recommended to make sure they have not worn out. If this happened, they are very easy and rapid to fix.

Fluoride varnish application
Sealant placement
Our recommendations on this topic are:
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